Listen… do you smell something?

Listen… do you smell something?

That smell is the smell of victory! Over the last week, news hit the wire about Dan Schoening and James Eatock’s Ghostbusters comic pitch to IDW Publishing. As previously reported their pitch wasn’t successful and fans were left to wonder why? Well it seems that IDW heard us loud and clear because James Eatock posted this image and from the looks of it, good things are about to happen! I’d like to thank Dan and James for their persistance and the fans for supporting the idea.

IDW’s current Ghostbusters comics are great, and are available at your local comic shop AND on Apple’s iTunes app store for those of you who do not have a local comic shop, or simply prefer to read while on-the-go on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

Needless to say, we’ll keep an eager and close eye on the progress of these comics.


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